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Would be keen to see the results of this one!


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I hope she keeps up with her weekly posts. She obviously wants to do it - especially by putting herself 'out there' on the web.

She's got a great chance of succeeding with Jo guiding her, if she follows everything.

Carla did well, it's a lot of pressure to place on yourself to firstly loose a large amount of weight and then go to the next step of competing.

I would have liked to see more than a head shot to see where she's starting from - but who am I to talk I took so bloody long to put just 1 progress pic up! :oops:

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Yep a huge thing putting a body shot up if you're carrying a bit of weight - no doubt one will come when she's made some progress and is feeling great...it's so daunting when we first start aye!!??

Evie just had a look at your pic..you look lovely...hows your training going?

Just for interest...I'm holding a "Fitness Frenzy" day here in Napier on Sunday..Miss Carla is coming down to train with us and be a motivating speaker...will let you know how it goes.

Want to do another one later in the year more for competition girls...hopefully get Jo involved..would that interest anyone?

Have a great day :P

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Sure...the one I'm holding on Sunday is for ladies only. We're starting the day with a Boxfit class before breakfast. We're providing all food for the day based around good portion sizes for women. After a nice healthy breakfast it's back to the gym for a weights session, the ladies will be broken up into groups of 2-4 depending on their experience. Then after a nice lunch (chicken, kumara & salad :) ) we'll have our guest speakers - Carla Bennett being one, we're going to watch her 20/20 documentary as well. And Megan Miller - a nutritonalist and life coach who has competed in the past. We'll finish the day with a relaxing "mini" massage. This one is more focused towards women who want to lose weight and may compete in the future...giving them a support structure and some knowledge to keep them motivated.

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