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Hi All,

As im very new to this whole body building thing, im needing some advice, tips or just general comments on experience.

Im 5 weeks into training and for the first few weeks the weight was falling off, however i seem to have hit a brick wall. its just not coming off. Any tips?

I was taking thermo's but stopped for 2 weeks (this could be a reason) so how do i combat this? more cardio?

i still have a whopping 6-8kgs to lose. and only 2 1/2 months to do it so any and all tips are more than welcome.


and look forward to hearing from you all


T :?

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Durr sorry bout that.

Every morn, cardio 1hr

Mon - legs + Abs + 20 min cardio

Tue - back + Bi + 35min cardio

Wed - Leg circuit + 20 min cardio

Thur - Shoulders + Tri + 35mins cardio

Fri - Chest + Abs + 35mins cardio

Sat - 1 hr cardio + plyometric leg circuit

Sun- Rest

Breaky - 1/2c oats + protein powder

snack / 1/2 HPLC bar

lunch 1c salad + 185g tuna

snack brocolli and egg whites

din dins - 200g chicken heaps of brocolli

hope this helps :D

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at the moment im doing major muscle exercises such as squats, leg press, lunges, stiff and bent leg dead lifts, bench press, cable flys, db flys, bi curls, alt lat raises, 1 arm rows, seated rows, press ups, pull ups, should press, tri push downs, skull crushers. and 4 sets reps 8-10. but im worried doing this many reps will give me more bulk than tonage?

your thoughts?

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I think if it was that easy to add bulk, this forum would become obsolete. :wink:

Seriously though, I don't think you need to worry about the number of reps - they look just fine to me. Some people pre-comp even prefer to increase them further in order to maximise the energy output. On the other hand, I know a few people who swear by lower reps before a comp. I think taking the middle ground like you are is a good compromise - when in doubt, sit on the fence!

I'm more concerned about your diet. It looks like the only real source of carbs in there is the 1/2 cup of oats at breakfast. Is this all you have throughout the day? If so, you may have starved yourself into this plateau. I would try adding a serving of carbs to a couple more meals - maybe every second one, up to (and including) your pre-workout meal. You could reduce the breakfast oats to 1/3 of a cup if you're really desperate, but it's probably better to keep this step in reserve until you hit another wall further in.

Having said that, I'm not expert on ladies' diets, so see what the others say. :)

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Yeah I agree your diet probably needs to be looked at. Have you got a nutritionalist (who has done womans body building diets) at your gym that could help you?

I'd cut your oats down to 1/4 cup, add some egg whites into them, get rid of the protein bar at morning tea...maybe have a shake with 1/2 banana or 100gms chicken with some kumara and add some carbs to your lunch meal (kumara or brown rice)

Women can usually have between 75gms - 150gms carbs a day - try 2 low carb days (75gms) with 1 mod carb day (150gms) and cycle it. Your body gets used to things really quickly so keep giving it something to think about!

Hope this helps a little...I always get Jo Stewart to do my diet...the woman has been dieting for the last 25 years...she knows how our bodies tick!! Contact her thru http://www.muscle-xpo.co.nz

Hope this helps...go hard!! :P

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Yer, find a good trainer in Auckland, I'd book it with Joe Steward and get her advice on training and diet. That way, you can get some one-on-one help and its much better that way. She's really helpful and a pro!

How long have you been training for, prior to your five weeks on your diet?

Do you have a high endurance level?

A trainer will help with your measurements, training and diet.

I've found that in regards to training, you need to discover what works for you. I'll send you an email when I've got time, there's a few things I want to mention.... :)

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WOW thanks so much for all your guys help.

To answer some of your questions, iv been training for about 6 years both in and out of the gym. Id say my endurance is pretty hi, that was until i stopped eating carbs.

iv heard alot of people tell me im not having enough carbs so il get onto that now. and thanks heaps for recommendations of trainers/nutrionists.

Now does anyone know of anyone they can recommend for music?

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Wow, very interesting reading this, i am in the same boat. Except lost nothing yet, been training 5 weeks now (12 weeks till comp)!!

My diet is ok, I have a small baked potatoe for lunch most days, and maybe brown rice (1/2 cup cooked), no problems with my carb intake. Probably why my weight is not shifting. Please keep me informed as how you are going, will be great to see how you do.

Good luck


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