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I'M MELTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ok, I now know how a vampire feels when hit by the sunlight because I'm literally melting away.

4 months ago I had a shoulder reconstruction, at the time i weighed 96-97 kg. I now weigh 82! admittibly some of that weight is fat but ive lost heaps of muscle.I cant train and I think I'm loosing my mind, my righthand side( the operated on side) is notibly smaller then my left through the shoulder, chest, back and arm, my right is 4 cm smaller then the left arm!!!

Im just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences and if once they could start training again if their body evened up again? and I wanted to have a bitch

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My brother had a reconstruction of his shoulder, it took him ages to get back to work and has to play rugby with three layers of padding...

He loved though played a heap of playstation.....

He didn't do hi rehab properly now he has alot of shoulder problems, do the rehab is all i can say.

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so the last fortnight I lost another 2kg!! :(

went to seethe dr bout it and he was a bit worried, suggests that if I dont stop losing he will try nandrolone. I dont no much about it other then its use in sports performance and flojo ect haha.

I couldnt ask questions coz was running late for work but does anyone no much about it and is it used among bodybuilders? I just cant find much info on it other then media crapping on bout drugs cheats.


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