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Protaquest L-Glutamine


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Hey Guys I have been trying out L-GLutamine by Protaquest which is a US company. It comes in either 500gms or 1000gms from [MOD EDIT: No spam, please] and is quite cheap. I have been taking it with some water during training for a couple of weeks now and have found that it helps prevent fatigue. At the end of a training session i don't feel as tired as when I am not taking it.

One serving would be about five grams and it dissolves real easy. You can mix it up in a cup of water and there is no gritty feeling or undissolved powder at the bottom. It has a slight aftertaste, the best I can describe it is the taste when you have a dry mouth but if mixed with anything else you dont notice it.

It is easy on the stomach I haven't noticed any queasiness or any bloating from it.

It costs 58.95 for five hundred grams which works out to be 59 cents per serving at 100 serves per container so if you take ten grams a day (five grams during training five grams before sleep) that will last for seven weeks.

I would recommend this for people who are training hard on a regular basis and want something to help them recover better. Glutamine has also been shown to help the immune system which can start to run down with long periods of intense exercise.

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ThatGuy, this is the second topic you've started with the sole purpose of promoting your website, and it breaches our no-spam policy. If you wish to advertise here, please do so through the proper channels as the other companies do. You can find out more about setting up an advertising campaign on http://www.nzbb.co.nz/advertising/ or by sending me an email.

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