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Multi-Vitamin AST Multi Pro 32X !!!

metal heads

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Hi all I am new here and this is my first Post.

but I need to tell you all this is one Bad-a#* site :nod: with heaps of knowledgeable ppl arround.

kudos to you all :) !!!

Now coming back to the topic Has any one used AST Multi Pro 32X multi vitamins and what do u think about it ? Are there any other multi vitamins you think are worth a shot !!!


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if I buy supplements from overseas is view the reviews on 1fast400.com just search for your product and they usually have a whole heap of buyer reviews for you to decide for yourself.

Thx Pure the site is realy helpfull. I have just ordered 1.

Can anyone tell what all websites are safe when ordering from overseas. and also which are the one's with decent shipping cost?


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Im using it right now actually..and have been using it for a few months.

Its better than OptiMen by Optimum and overall better than spurlina.. I think it covers the basics, and its one of the very few that offers the special coating for better digestion. But the price is a huge bonus for me.

Im only taking one caplet a day, I think thats ok for someone who eats good and trains 3 times per week. I reccomend ordering from bodybuilding.com..period. Ive ordered atleast over 15 times, for me and my friends; to different addresses at times and they havent let me down once.

Their shipping costs have risen slightly but they are very hassle free and its very reasuring that they have done over 2million shipments.

But they have switched NZ Couriers for the local partinstead of FedEx the whole way.. NZ Coureirs never deliver early and they don't do signatures..

Ive ordered from 1fast400.com before, they didnt really cater for NZ customers, so I had to ring in. They email your order details personally if your an international, but they seem to have 3 people emailing you at once and problems arise.. Hopefully they've taken care of that.

Although they are pretty cunning when you order stuff like PP/SD and they declare it as vitaminC :shifty:

Just remember to keep your oders below $400NZ LANDED. Otherwise customs and MAF like to add their fees! Its a good time to order internationally considering the currency is doing "good" compared to mid '06.

this link might come handy:

http://www.bnz.co.nz/Personal_Solutions ... 15,00.html

I know technically more stuff you order the cheaper shipping gets, but even if you just get one bottle right now; shipped within 14days itll cost you roughly $33.81 NZ Dollars landed.

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