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Aspire New Market


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Aspire fitness, New MArket, Auckland

Customer service: 4/10

they say hi at the counter, but if you find someone walking around ready to help or tidy up, take a picture and pass it to me.

Choice of facilities offered:6/10

A large range of exercise classes available, sunbed, therapeutic masseuse, sauna. pretty sparse on the provided extras, as no suplements or food services are offered. heaps of good cardio gear

Cardio equipment range: 6/10

heaps of good / new cardio gear

Free weights range is lean, could do with more of the basics as they have heaps of floor space

Could do with another squat rack, heavy leg press machine, more than one bench press, dumbells are lean and members never put them back so you could find yourself searching for a wee while

Machine range: 8/10

some real good machines good for setting out the basics

Member density: 9/10

the benefit of a new gym, bugger all crowds, great to get the work done:)

Opening hours: 9/10

Gym decor: 8/10

Excellent. flatscreen TVs everywhere you turn,

Price: 5/10

can be pricey compared to some down the rd, with more facilities. but it has parking in new market, huge benefit

Overall score: 8/10

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nah nothing yet. i was thinking about throwing in a photo for the before and after. but I have only just got back on the net, and missed out. that an I've already been dropping the chub for 2 months so the before photo won't be such a wow factor.

will post in about 5 months time though.

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