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Pre-Contest Rant & Rave


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Stop looking at the scales and look in the mirror judge your progress of what you see

I know, I know, but ... boo hoo sob sob it's a girl thing :pfft: can't help but look. Plus for me I know the scale has to move down no matter what.

But getting Body Fats test help me keep track (and sane) so I don't get too hung up if the scale only goes down a little I can see that I'm losing fat and not muscle.

PHOTOS - are an excellent way to see your progress, cause you can compare!

Either way at the end of the day Andrew & 2 Guns are right - not good to get hung up over it, the body does crazy things, and I've never heard of a judge asking what you weigh (only at weigh in), what your Body Fat is or even how much you bench - it's how you present what ya got!

Oh and yeah 100gms loss - IT"S NOT A GAIN!

(try telling me that though - :P) Wish I could take my own advise.

As for pre-contest bitching and moaning: people at work thinking I have excersise or eating disorder, always asking what I'm eating even though I have pretty much the same thing everyday. Oh and my favourite all the dumb things I do (more than normal) I'm sure to post up some funny stories as the weeks and days draw closer.

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I bounce all over the place - I can weigh 106kg one day & 103 the next.

Some days I feel big, other days I feel small.

Try and take the others advice and go by the mirror (I'm not doing that at the mo - I've been eating a bit of rubbish, I am on a bulk after all :pfft: )

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Well I reckon you should come down to do the NZFBB Wellington champs, Andrew - but I'm biased as I'm organising the event! :D

I'm sure Peter and Dee will also put on a great NABBA BOP show, so it's not an easy choice.

I was in Auckland yesterday for our first NZFBB Executive meeting for 2007 (plus it was the annual judges meeting). One resolution of interest to you (as a fellow NABBA Athletic competitors) is that we will be trialling the new IFBB Mens Classic class this year - starting with the Wellington champs on April 21. I'll post a new topic later today with more details about this class.

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Go the wellington show Andrew it will be a great Show and you can qualify for the nationls nice and early are u under 70 open for nzfbb?

If you are you will be against Daniel Gibbs should be a good contest he comes in pretty shreeded .

The Christchurch guy? Do you mean Daniel Hibbs? He nailed it at the Nationals last year, I thought was he was in the best condition of anyone at that comp.

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