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Hello everybody,

My name is Sam Peacocke and I am a director for a film company called Robbers Dog Films. We are making a music video for a band "The Mint Chicks" And I need to cast a female bodybuilder for a role we have in it. If you would like to see some of the work I have done previously, go to...


And if you would like to find out about The Mint Chicks go to...


We are shooting this weekend out in Albany, Auckland. The shoot is a night shoot on Saturday the 17th and if cast you will be required for about 2 hours. We dont have a lot of money ($100) but you will look amazing and will get beautiful images of all your hard work on national television!!! Also we will give you a DVD and still photographs of the shoot to keep as well.

What you will have to do is workout on a large personal gym outside a brand new subdivison house as our lead character walks past, you will be illuminated by a single powerful shaft of light that looks like a UFO tractor beam similar to this image


If you are interested please give the producer a call, email or text. She is a lovely woman by the name of Hayley Cunningham and can be reached on the following contacts;

work 09 376 0700

mobile 021 622567

email hayley@twostates.co.nz

If you want any more info on the role please email me

email sam@robbersdog.co.nz

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to hear from some of you soon :)

Warm Regards,


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LOL - no. I am picking it is possibly more suited to chicks under 40....botox only goes so far you know. But if it is tasteful (nothing they will live to regret later) then I think gals with muscular bods and an attitude to match should go suss it out further - why not? Kiwi's have a tendency to put down those who self-promote or may seem a bit brash in getting themselves out there.

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