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Re: Gym grades

Mike Zero

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Motueka Recreation Centre Gym

Customer service: C+

The boss is an ass but his staff are alright. Often they will close up early unexpectedly. Nice people though.

Choice of facilities offered: B-

Nothing special, there are showers and toilets. But they are public and can be used by any old hippie that wanders in.

Cardio equipment range: B-

At the moment; 1 Treadmill, 3 Bikes, 1 of them crazy elipitcal things and one of those even crazier powerglide things. But I've hardly ever had to not do cardio because of too many people on them.

Free weights range: F+

Only one decent barbell bench. One squat rack with a bent bar. Dumbbells jump from about 28kg to 55kg at one point. You can make your own up except they are really akward. Only one decent olympic bar, so when I'm doing DL's, no-one else can do Bench or anything.

Machine range: C+

Umm; Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Pec Deck, and that large structure where you can put all the different attachements on and do a lot of different Iso stuff. And a smith machine.

Member density: B+

Rush time is 3:30 - 5:30. I'd try to avoid going then on weekdays. But otherwise it's not uncommon for you to be the only one in there.

Opening hours: A+

Dispite the random closings, 9 - 9 weekdays and 9 - 5 saturdays are good hours. But what gives it the A+ is the option to purchase a 24 hour access card, I'd hate to be stuck without one though.

Gym Decor: C-

Pretty dingey room and old equipment. Umm, there's some plants by the door :roll:

Price: B+

Last time I put three months on and it cost me $94. I think that's pretty alright.

Overall score: B-

The lack of equipment is a shame but with a 24 hour card you can easily go at times where there'll be zero congestion for it. If there you couldn't get 24 hour access it'd be in the range of D-/F+.

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