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Update from Mick Hart


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UPDATE From Mick Hart.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Hi nzlabrat

I just read this feedback I got by email:

"Your article Bodybuilding Persecution, is very well

written, and is the best article I have ever read

regarding this subject.

"It is education for the masses of us that know nothing

about gear, and others that are using, but are doing so


- Aaron

You know what... I agree!

And because MANY people on this would never have received

the article I've included it again below.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the read.


"Bodybuilding Persecution": A rant from me, Mick Hart.

Someone asked this question on my discussion board a few

days ago and it got me to thinking why we bodybuilders have

such a bad time with the public and the media.

I wonder why we go through so much shit and feathers. Have

you ever thought about it? Well think about it for a moment;

how can we breakdown the reasons?

- How do the public see us really?

Well most see us as dick-short, half brained drug users with

an attitude problem that deserve all the side effects that

we have coming to us but that is what they are led to think

from equally half brained f*ck wits that have never seen the

inside of a gym, never mind even contemplating a half work-

out to start with.

They base their knowledge on half truths from the usual

media soaked articles that we are accustomed to on a regular

basis. But they have to get some idea of this vision from

somewhere; so where?

- The answer is easy!

It comes from total 100% wankers who like to call themselves

dedicated bodybuilders; those who actually believe that the

MORE gear you can take the bigger and better you will get.

Nahh, sorry guys you never had a loyalty factor in your

lives, but the TRUE bodybuilder does.

He is more concerned with safety first THEN results; that

being uppermost in his mind. He will also scrutinize all

cycles and stacks and question anything that is out of the

ordinary - or should do at least!

Times many have I seen cycles that scare the shit out of me

sent up by beginners, mostly kids; given to them by hairy

arsed f*ck wits that have about as much a clue to taking

gear as I have about West Bolivian Duck Sucking!!

Let me give you an example of a cycle that was sent to me by

a lad of 19 years of age some time ago now. He had then

already made up his mind that he was going to take this no

matter what, but he thought that he would run it by me

first, go figure! He has only just re-contacted me.

My first reaction was to tell him to go forth and multiply,

but I was soon interested in what he had been advised to


It consisted of:

4 x Sustanon 250; 3 x Testosterone Enanthate; and 3+ x

Anapolon 50mg to be increased - PER DAY for the first three


Then it lowered down to a measly half of that dosage only to

be shot up again during the final three weeks of the course;

the total being about an eight week course and this was to

be his FIRST cycle! I jest not!

It was also suggested that if he could afford it to add

growth hormone at about 4 iu's every day. He was to obtain

this from a mate, of a mate's brother who new a guy in an

alley; who new a ... well you know the rest.

- Pussy Cycles

He was told that the cycles featured in my Layman's Guide

were inadequate and would produce nothing actually, yet he

had the cheek to call me and ask ME my opinion of what I


I explained that should he take this amount of gear and

ignore the advice that I offered he could end up with

big problems.

- He chose to ignore.

He was also advised that his diet did not have to be clean,

in fact quite the contrary, he was advised to take in

calories of whatever nature and as much of it. This he did

also with devastating effects to come.

- Result?

OK the guy gained about 30lbs + after apparently taking not

one but two FULL courses of the type described above; most

of it fat ON fat and water.

In his short but eventful steroid therapy he had developed

"bitch tits" that has become so sore that he had to wear

plasters on his nipples!

His balls were so far up his body that he looked like he had

a couple of lumps under his chin. He had NOT had a hard on

for the whole duration and for a long time after this effect


He had acne on his aback that was so bad it bled onto his

shirt when he lay down; his sweat stank - bad! I jest not


- Short Career

There is the obvious coming now unfortunately; OK the guy

packed the sport in after about 6 months in total. For some

reason bodybuilding did not agree with him.

His parents were shocked at how he looked and acted during

his short career to such an extent that they contacted their

local paper and gave yet another crippling "example" of just

how bodybuilding had ruined their son and that how would

never be the same again.

The paper was outraged, the parents were outraged; the son

kept his fucking mouth shut because he knew that I would hit

back on the defence of the sport after reading it - and I


I explained that he had sought advice but not taken it;

ignored ALL the safety aspects and taken the word of people

that did not know the sport nor never would. Funnily enough,

these trainers were no where to be found - hmnn, wonder why?

- Take note Joe Public

OK some will say that WE only get what we have coming to us

because we take steroids. We do admittedly, but in the main

the majority of us take it sensibly and carefully.

NO bodybuilder with the slightest bit of sense or decency

would throw someone off onto such a cycle - but it happens

all too often.

In the main, we do what we do for ourselves, by ourselves

and out of the way. We have no wish to rob you of your video

or T.V. because unlike heroin users we do NOT become

addicted to steroids.

What DOES happen though is that we get addicted to working

out and keeping in shape, so why tar us with the same

fucking brush as the hard drug users?

You do this out of sheer ignorance, you have NO knowledge of

what we do or what we take NOR the way in which it affects

us - apart from that which your daily papers say we do.

Nor do we mug old folks to get a fix for our sport unlike

the hundreds of thousands of heroin users do because

steroids do NOT affect us like that.

It DOES affect little f*ck wits like the guy in the example

given but what you have to do is trust the knowledgeable

amongst us to help and advise without persecution - so leave

the f*ck off will you?

- We few, we happy few, we Band of Brothers.

We are a solitary lot, yet we like to gather occasionally to

show that we are not extinct. Our sport is a lonely one to

say the least because apart from the fact that most of our

breed only gather in two's, we do prefer our own company or

at least the company of fellow bodybuilders because we LIKE

to be known as "them".

We are indeed an elite bunch; a society expelled from the

public because we like to be different from you all.

We like the fact that we can see our own dicks and do not

have to shine the toes on our shoes to be able to see it.

We enjoy being strong and we endure pain gladly self

inflicted because WE alone know just what that pain can

bring; we are happy with that even though that we know it

fucks your head up trying to understand why we do it.

You question why we like a muscular body, yet cannot see the

reason why when you look in the mirror at your fat belly,

you know the one that your wife or husband also looks at and

always tells you that you are cuddly.

But you are not; you are fat and when you stop so quick the

fat carries on and on.

Hey, we do not find the TV remote that we have been

searching for under a flap of belly skin - so look again!

I like that part most of all because you Joe Public's who

criticize us so much, will in the main, never ever feel the

warmth and buzz of a "pump".

- A little sadistic?

I suppose that you are right, but sadism under control so

much that we have the ability to shape not only our lives

but our minds AND our physiques. Can you do that on hard

drugs? I think not!

I agree that there are a lot of people that use bodybuilding

and the size that it can bring, for the ability to


For that we can only apologize and by bringing you such

articles help you to see a little more clearly; but seeing

clearly is something that does not come easily to you.

Steroids are not the answer, but they are an addition to the

enjoyment of the sport as is a new fangled cycle or a

fishing rod that has moved on with the times - i.e.


Hey we did not invent gear, but we will be damned if we are

not going to use it when it is there AND it's 2003 for fucks

sake! Who wants to go back? I know I don't for one.

- Deaths attributed to gear?

Where? All I ask is to give me the actual listings of the

people that have directly died from steroid usage over the

last say, 20 years.

Oh I have no doubt that there will be some; but when you do

this, will you also give me the listings of HOW many died of

the following also: cigarettes; alcohol; heroin; cocaine;

aspirin and paracetamol as examples.

Also please list all those that died from the usage of their

cell phones last year in the USA alone as an example;

doesn't matter I have it here - actually it was 4000!

Can I also have the listings of just how many bodybuilders

died from taking steroids whilst driving OR those that

killed pedestrians whilst under the influence? I think that

your lists would be small to zilch for the steroid users.


- To summarize

I ask you Joe to please take note of this. We do what we do

because we are proud of what and who we are.

Most of us will help and advise simply because we do

actually care.

The young do need protecting from the unwise and that

protection comes from we who are knowledgeable. We also do

this because we are proud of who we are.

Times many, men who have been unable to "ring their wives

bell", stay hard, and even GET hard have benefited from our


The older man who has had problems in bed for years and

years has suddenly sprouted again even with a small amount

of steroid intake. How bad is that?

Yet we do not go through years and years of research to try

and find out the obvious because it is there in black and


If something is missing, replace it, don't sit and wonder

how or why - enjoy! Boy are YOU lot missing out on a lot!

Now then, there are thousands upon thousands of men who

cannot get hard! Shit, they have even got Pele advertising

about erection problems on TV now - what the f*ck does he


But I DO know that I could screw the core out of an apple

half a dozen times a day and not even blink and I only use a

minimal amount of gear.

OK I wish I could get a better screw than an apple - but hey

I like fruit!

All we ask is that you give us a fair hearing in future,

that is all. Do not tar us with the same brush and remember

that your video is safe when we are around.

OK I have had my say now and I can hear your thoughts coming

through loud and clear...

Ah well, same as usual... at least I tried.

Train Hard fellow Bodybuilders, Train Hard,

Mick Hart.

Founder of Mick Hart Training Systems and

the No Bull Collection Magazine.


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