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Massey Uni gym(Palmy North)


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the gym profiles seem to be moving along slowly so thought Id write about my gym for the past 5 years.

the uni gym has pretty much everything you could want...

-every machine I like, except maybe a seated leg curl? One gripe I have is that over my 5 years at uni they seem to have removed machinesand replaced them with more cardio stuff but I never really touched those machines anyway.

-all the weights you could want unless your pulling the weights ronnie coleman does, 2 squat racks which during peak times you have little hope of getting and only 1 smith machine.

overall though it's pretty good, reasonibly cheap, especially if your a student, last year was $70 for a peak subsciption for a year!!! cant argue with that can you?

ummm what else....they have a full sized gym with basketball court ect and run alot of social sport leagues and stuff.

Now that I have graduated Im leaving Palmy, the only thing about that city Ill miss is my gym.... :cry:

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I was an instructor at the Massey Gym last year full-time and I don't miss it!!!! You're right, there is a lot of cardio machines, we purchased a lot of new treadmills and cross trainers last year. But, there was not a lot of weight machines.

However, the majority of our customers weren't bodybuilders. Our personal trainer (Catherine Stratmen), established a body building club last year, which was great!!!! She's a legend.

Alot of females like to do a lot of cardio, so we needed to cater for the high demand of people needing to get on cardio equipment, during peek hours. Excepts for the thousands of dollars that was spent on a vibration machine, which could have brought lots of new weight machines.

The only thing I miss about working at the uni gym, was the clients and people I knew. I think the culture of a gym is more important than the range of equipment, if you have everything there that you need.

The Massey gym had a great friendly culture. I've moved to the Waikato now, to have a change from what I did and study law. But, at my current gym, its bigger, more equipment, but theres no body builders there, just casual - recreational users. I'm having to find a training partner now, I miss all the guys I knew who made me work hard and spotted me in the gym

So yes, you're right!!!

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