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Best protein for lactose intolerance???


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Has she had a test to confirm her lactose intolerance, or is it a personal observation?

Most adults are lactose intolerant to a certain extent as we weren't designed to digest dairy proteins. If she has a major lactose problem she'll probably still have issues with Isolates even though they are almost lactose free. Lactose problems can also be caused by iron deficiency which reduces lactase enzyme production so it may be advisable that she checks her iron levels before condemning herself to a lactose free lifestyle.

She can also look at using lactase enzyme to help in the digestion of lactose containing foods or a product called Dairy Care that may help the body produce more lactase which is a better longterm solution than using lactase tablets everytime she eats lactose.

Unfortunately if she is seriously lactose intolerant she will soon begin to realise how many foods contain added lactose as it is used as a flavour enhancer in a lot of convenience foods - potato chips, biscuits, crackers, bread rolls, (all the stuff I probably shouldn't be eating anyway), and I even found some added to a bottle of sports water the other day.

As far as lactose free protein powders go she has a few to choose from; rice protein, egg white powder/liquid egg whites, pea protein, and soy protein (evil soy) - plus that goat whey which I hadn't heard of before but looks pretty good. Red8 manufacture a lot of alternative proteins and most healthshops generally have them instock.

Most supermarkets now stock Goats Milk and Rice Milk, and you can now get protein enriched Rice milk which contains chick pea protein.

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I have a mild intolerance to dairy so stopped taking whey a while ago. I figured I'd just get what I need from food - except in the time right after a workout, a drink is better/more easily absorbed.

So, I've been getting this brown rice protein from Red8:


Might be worth a try for you..

Also 100% hydrolyzed whey is supposed to be ok for those who are lactose intolerant, but this is difficult to find. There is: AST VP2 but it has to be imported from overseas and is pretty expensive.

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