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Horleys Carbless bars


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Just a quick question about this special kind a bar.

Is it really only got 4g carbs in it?

Its pretty blardy nice for so little carbs and fat with good protein.

Also looking on the packet itself, I notice right under carbs are 2 other things (Maltitol and Glycerine) What exactly are these? And do they have any impact in calories, or sugars or something?


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Use the google to find out all about sugar alcohols. Off the top of my head they contain 3 calories per gram, and have little effect on insulin levels, but nonetheless are a 'hidden' carbohydrate.

How is that?

I though the standard equation for calories for pro/carb/fat was 4/4/9 ?

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Does anyone get bloating, diarrhea and flatulence when they eat too many of these things?

yep sure do, there a great snack but your gotta watch how many you have

I think you'll find most of the low card/carb control bars have the same stuff in them (Maltitol and Glycerine) they also use this stuff in a lot of other "diet" products

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Reduced Calorie Alternative to Sugar - Absorption of maltitol by the human body is slow, allowing part of the ingested maltitol to reach the large intestine where metabolism yields fewer calories. Therefore, unlike sugar which contributes four calories per gram, the caloric contribution of maltitol is only 2.1 calories per gram. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated it does not object to the use of this value for maltitol in nutrition labeling of foods. For a product to qualify as "reduced calorie" in the United States, it must have at least a 25 percent reduction in calories. Maltitol is, therefore, useful in formulating "reduced calorie" products
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As much as I love protein bars I am always a tad suspicious of eating them too regularly despite what is on the wrapper. I don't think the info on the wrappers lie but I they definitely taste too good to be that good for you !!!

I think it is cleaner to stick to straight protein powder as much as possible. Besides, if I started to eat them too often, they can be pretty addictive and more-ish ! I could stuff myself silly on Detour bars....they are like Moro bars.

So I keep protein bars mostly for travelling and 'on the run' stuff when it simply isn't easy or practicable to whip out a can of tuna.

But If I do have to eat them, my favourites are Horley's Low carb, Aussie bodies LCHP and those low carb high protein ones by Nutralife. I think the macros in these ones are better than many.

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Someone who works in food science...please please please test the Horleys Carbless bar and Nutra-Life Pro Max bar fat and sugar content. All I can say is the EAS bars tested perfectly as in..to the gram but the others...

Watch out for all the NZ bar manufacturers who hide their carbs on other parts of the label as Polydextrose, Glycerine, Glycerol, Maltitol etc. All the USA made bars must declare these in their carb count. When they start putting it miles from the carb count on the label, it just looks plain dodgy to me. :?

PS. EAS Myoplex Carbsense bar Cookies & Cream scored a wickedly low 28 on a GI test last year. Brilliant for a late-in-the-day snack when ya need 30 odd grams of quality protein and around 220 cals.

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