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Military Press Troubles...

Mike Zero

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Hey all,

The last couple of times I have done Military Press, I have had a bit of a problem. At the bottom of the movement (Arms bent) I get a really sharp pain that feels like somethings burst in my arm. The vascularity in my arms peak just below my biceps, so I think it might be my pumped arms cutting off my circulation. As dumb as that sounds.

What should I do? :shock:

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Also try playing around with your grip width a bit.

Tried that but it didn't help.

Thanks for all your advice, especially Pseudonym, I have heard about that happening with your nerves on Squats - can't remember the exact term.

One good thing that came out of this was I did Shoulder Press after not doing it for a few months and doing Military instead. I made gains of like 8kg per dumbbell over that time, it was awesome! :D

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