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An old training programme


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I found this old programme the other day that was done for me back in 2002...

Pick it to bits if you like, I never got around to starting it but if it seems ok to you guys then I may just try it out.

Also, checked out my new job today, just down the road from a gym and we have swipe cards that I only have to sign for to use the gym. No joining fees what so ever.

Let the training begin!!!

Training Programme.doc

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First of all, anything is better than nothing. Whatever program you use, make sure that this time you do get around to starting. :wink:

It doesn't look like a bad program, although mixing up the order of workouts each week seems like an unnecessary complication to me.

Couple of other thoughts:

- They've got essentially a Push/Pull/Legs split, which is fine, but for some reason a wide-grip row has been thrown into the Push day. That would target rear delts, and I think it would be better on the Pull day.

- I don't really think there's any need to devote an entire day to working abs. It would be better to pull out all the shoulder exercises, and put them on a separate day instead (although you have to be careful to place it away from the Push and Pull days).

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this looks real simialr to an army workout i was given by a pti. the type of training and conditioning they get you to do there is more for overall body and endurance. depending on if you want these results or if you want mass? overall i would say this would keep you interested, but you may find some of these groupings are awkward if you go heavier. that is putting shoulders in with your chest will lessen the intensity in your shoulder due to fatigue. but as I said if you wanted this for an overall startup, physical conditioning and overall strength , it looks like a go

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haha lol frogie...

You wouldn't believe it mate, it was given to me by an army PTI....

Bevan Cranstoun to be exact. I think they all have a generic programme for beginners or something. I am not going to use this programme or the one another PTI gave me just the other day.

As you said it is more for all over conditioning, not putting on mass..

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What others said pretty much. I don't know what he asked you during assessment (like training history, time contraints, blah blah) but it looks like a conditioning program that prepares you for heavier loading in the future by increasing your working capacity first. Having said that, I don't necessarily agree with overall (total) volume for upper body vs. lower body, exercise selection/order, maybe even frequency and his tips at the bottom. It would depend on your condition back in 2002....

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