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Hi THEBERG, the 2007 NZFBB event calendar poster will probably not be available until next month - we are still waiting to confirm the dates for a couple of events before we print it.

The list of events as they currently stand is available on http://www.nzfbb.org.nz. The only change to that list at this stage is the Wellington Champs is now on April 21 not April 28. You can also download the registration forms from the 'Competition Forms' page on this site.

Is there any particular event you are interested in?

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Thanks for replying MasterTel, we have a few young guys at the gym here that are interested in bbing and we were thinking of checking one out in the north island region in the begining of the year. Personally i was thinking of trying to enter a comp around september sometime. I see that they dont have the dunedin classics no more.

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Yes, it's a shame the Dunedin Classic has not been held in the last two years, especially as we only have one other South Island event per year.

There are a number of factors in determining where we hold events - the main one is having someone suitable in the region (like Dunedin) to organise it. Hopefully we can find someone down your way to organise a show so we can put the Dunedin event back on the calendar - or at least add one more somewhere in the South Island.

That's great you have a group of you interested in checking out a show - does this mean just watching an event or competing at it? Either way, you are very welcome to come up for the Wellington Champs on April 21. I'm organising the event, so I can give you any info and assistance you need.

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We will be watching the Wellington comp then hopefully have a few of us compete in aug-sep in the one various comps.

I did my exericse physiology degree in dunedin, and went to the dunedin classic the 3years they had it. Was a good little show but there wasnt much spectator support for ut.

I will definetaley will be keeping in touch with you regarding the wellington comp.

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4.1 A Novice Competitor (Men or Women) is a Competitor who:

(a) Has never won a contest (regional or otherwise); or

(b) Has moved from a restricted age group (Teenagers, Juniors or Masters).

4.2 A Novice Competitor who has placed First, Second or Third in any Regional Competition shall remained as a Novice Competitor for that entire year up to & until that same year NZ National.

4.3 A Novice Competitor who has place First, Second or Third in the Nationals is an OPEN class competitor from the end of that Nationals. A Novice Competitor who has placed first second or third in a Regional Contest but does not enter or place in the top three at the Nationals in those 12 months is an OPEN Competitor.

4.4 A Master (Women or Men) who has placed in the top 3 at any Regional or National event, can no longer enter as a novice competitor. They can only enter as a Master or an Open competitor. (NATIONAL'S QUALIFING CLAUSE APPLIES).



Rule: One who has not previously won a contest, or placed in the top three in the NZ National Championships

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