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Junior OL

Mike Zero

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Does anyone have any info on the New Zealand scene for U18's Olympic Lifting (or the youngest grade?). I want to know anything about it. Meets/competition frequency? How good the competition is? Coaches?

I really want to get into this, the only thing is I doubt I can find a coach in this area...

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Sorry Mike, was a bit slow getting onto this.

Seeing as you live in Nelson, I can't say what coaching would be available. Nearest coaching I know of would be Wellington or Chch. There are comps in Wellington (PM Juddy) or CHCH as well. Nationals this year are in Auckland in October, Secondary school nationals are in Te Kauwhata (near Hamilton) around the 10th September each year.

Age grades are under 16 (you are an in this class until December 31st of the year you turn 16), under 18 and Junior under 20, then senior men. I was born in 1987 so I am an under 20 as I turn 20 this year.

Have you tried the lifts? What have you done so far and what is your weight/age at?

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Thanks for replying.

I've played around with the Clean but I didn't want to get too far into it with possibly terrible form (I don't know) for two reasons: Injuring myself and getting into bad habits. I was Cleaning 70kgs though, and that was with catching it high (as in, not in Squat position). No way am I going to try the Snatch without coaching.

I turn 17 next month, so I'd be in under 18's. I weight 88kgs and could easily cut off 5-10kgs of fat.

Non-olympic lifts that I geuss apply:

Military Press (not Push Press): 52kg x 5

Squat: 140kg x 5

Deadlift: 125kg x 5

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