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Maintaining Mass


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Hi everyone!

Am just getting into BB, so am very much a novice. I am wanting to gain at least 5-10kg of lean muscle by the end of the year. I plan to start my bulking phase in a couple of months time and go for 3-4 months just doing weights/diet to get bigger, then spend the rest of the year cutting.

What I would like to know is this - If I get to my goal of 5-10kg of lean muscle mass, will I have to continue eating strictly to maintain it?

I know this is probaly a dumb sounding question, but like I said, I am just beginning.

Thanks in advance!


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Ideally most would say you want to eat clean ie eat good quality protein sources that are high in protein but low in fats. Foods such as cottage cheese, egg whites, chicken breasts, fish and beans, to name a few. Eating these good quality foods will provide all the nutrients to gain the mass.

Because these foods are relatively low in fats and carbs you are less likely to overeat and exceed your calorie consumption and pile fat.

However to build muscle or mass one does need to eat more than they are burning. Making sure you get enough protein is the key. Enough protein repairs, maintains and builds muscles :) If you arent already make sure you have at least one if not two or three protein shakes a day. Another 2-3 small meals will mean about 5-6 small high quality meals a day.

Of course some would say just eat eat eat ANYTHING. The problem with this is your body will get the nutrients it needs but will also get lots of fats etc which will likely mean your body fat % goes from 15-25 (as an example). As most of us know it is quite hard to cut up, so why make it hard for yourself (prob tru for most unless you really are v skinny and find it hard to put on any weight). I would also argue that it aint good for your health to pile everything and anything down the hatch.

Anyway just some thoughts and I cant remember what you originally asked so hope I was somewhere in the region of answering your question.

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Hi Matt. Welcome on in!

To answer your question - yes, you do have to keep up the diet - sort of. For a physique at the level you want, your body needs a certain amount of protein/carbs/fat. Even if you're not trying to grow further, it still requires those nutrients to maintain the status quo. If your intake drops below that required level, your body will adjust itself to a size that needs less maintenance.

Having said that, unless you're wanting to stay in near-competition shape, it's not absolutely necessary to be ultra-strict 24x7. Of course, it you're not strict enough, your physique will reflect that too! Don't worry - there is a happy medium, and you'll find it. :)

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you'll gain that weight fairly easily as you've never done this before because it's a huge shock to the system.

like pseudo said, you still have to eat relatively the same however if you want to just maintain it you can be more relaxed. you probably won't lose much.

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