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Cycle comment anyone not used anti-e


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Hey anyone stacked several steriods and not used anti-e.

My cycle:

500mg Deca weekly

500mg test eth weekly

200mg stanazol weekly

Not having any noticable problem. i.e. no sore tits or anything like that.

Had amazing gains on this cycle - gone from really overweight 82kg (26%bf) to 97kg (16%bf).

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I am 14 weeks into a 20 week cycle. will be starting PCT at week 18 when I start to tapper off on the doses that I am taking.

I know that many people think that a 12 week cycle is best, however I have many friends that have done multiple 20 week cycles over the years with no adverse reactions.

Starting into a cutting cycle so will be looking to start on Clen and T3 shortly. Anyone know what these compunds are like with the above doses of gear?

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Not holding much water at all. At the start I was holding a bit as I was taking d-bol. Once I gave that away and started on the stanazol the bloat went away.

Looking to use the T3 and Clen to cut some of the excess bfat off. I would like to get to about 10%.

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