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hey um im tim im 16 and im from nelson (mates with mikezero) and i go 2 BJs. However soon i will move 2 the BRAND NEW GYM being built at our school yeyah :nod: . il prob team up wif mike nd dominate al our competition :gunfire: haha jokes bt we will :grin: .um recently i discovered th joy of SLDs and enjoy the stares i get when stacking on the plates :oops: haha but seriously they are a realy cool exercise.um this is just ment 2 be an introduction so il stop blabbing :) GREETINGS 2 ALL

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straight-legged deadlifts or stiff-legged deadlifts depending on your preference :) i realy used 2 enjoy 15k runs through the nelson hills, u dont sprint it of course but u feel gr8 afterwards and we were doin them bout five in the morning so u get that nice fresh sea breeze cooling u as u run, it was so relaxing.*sigh* good times :P

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hmm well there isn't any more than the usual wear and tear on the body that u get from other exercises... none of my m8s do them but thats just because they are pansy :lol: its a realy good exercise if u wanna hammer your hamstrings and lower back.besides normal deadlifts just feel unco 2 me haha :P

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Just done a search for the deadlifts....

I have never seent them done before. Surely that can't be any good for the back.


I assure you they exist. I used to do them only because I wasn't sure how to do regular Deads. Then I realised they are a lot more basic than I originally thought.

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