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Amazing genetics - only 21 years old


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Pretty impressive, especially for someone so young!

He is obviously blessed genetically, and who knows how big he will get if he keeps at it!

I like the way he does his leg extensions (with 2-3 sec pause at the top) - a good way to etch in that extra definition. Hell, he certainly doesn't lack size, especially in his quads!! :shock:

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31 mr olympias do you mean :pfft: awesome genetics and a shitload of hardwork /nutrition i say

Maybe he will make a few Olympias and I agree his work load and nutrition would be 100%, but he didn't get like that on training and nutrition alone. Hey that's cool all power to him, I hope we do see him around in the future, but I wouldn't be too sure?

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Haha! Those quads remind me of the ones in Les Triplettes des Belleville. Anyone seen that movie? It's got to be my favourite cartoon ever - the caricature drawings are brilliant, and the attention to every tiny detail is just amazing.

It's about the Tour de France, and all the cyclists are drawn with tiny upper bodies, and utterly massive legs. Every time I watch it, I see the way the cyclists stagger around after training, knock-kneed and bow-legged, and I think, "I SO know that feeling!" :grin:


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heart explodes it might be a different story.

probably his only issue is his cholestrol, whioch would affect his heart i guess but hes only 21, depends wat he takes etc, just by looking at him u cant say hes in the deathpool or really unhealthy.


just dnt be an idiot

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