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Your biggest training mistakes in 2006


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What was the biggest mistake you made in your training last year?

I reckon it might be good to hear what held the rest of you back, so I can avoid making the same mistakes.

My major stuff up was seriously neglecting my eating because I was so busy at work for about 5 months. I probably dropped under 2000 cals a day for weeks at a time and while I lost some bodyfat, I made minimal gains and just slowed my metabolism down a lot. :banging:

This year will be better!!!

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Doing bench press with the wrong technique and stressing my shoulder too much. After years of doing it that way, someone suggested a different way to hold the bar, and adopt a lower position. It was hard at first, I had to lower my weights - and I guess you always assume as you have been doing something for years, then it is the right way. But now 6 months later I have better form, a better chest (I think!) and my shoulders are feeling heaps better for it.

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I had been starting and finishing the lift at a position too high up my body/i.e. close to the shoulder/neck area rather than further down to the chest. (Hope that makes sense!). I was getting sore shoulder joints which I assumed was just from normal BB'er wear and tear - but now that has been virtually eliminated.

I have also been experimenting more with the effects of different hand width positions on the bar and also whether elbows should flare or go close to the body when you bench.

I guess everyone has different views and techniques on all this stuff, but for me reviewing the basic bench press (as opposed to the fancy new stuff), has been helpful.

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overtraining - not just with bb but with football as well. (and wondering why i wasn't gettin better results???)

and getting caught up in the whole BIG WEIGHT phase... made me neglect the fact that bigger weights dont necessarily mean bigger gains... and that i could have so much a better workout and physique if i just droppped the weight a little and really found the optimum level.

well now i know, look out for the new and improved wolf in 2007!

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Inconsistant training, I would training hard for a month...then slip for a few weeks. I need to stay in a routine. Absolutley no diet thanks to my partner that bakes for our son's lunches :( . Was looking at competing this year...but I think I would be better prepared for 2008 instead.

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