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How do you track your food intake?


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Well team, I have decided to give this a good go. I want to track what I eat so I make sure I can add the weight I want and I do it the right way.

I have just started eating meals every two hours that are high in carbs as a start to gain some weight.

I honestly don't know what I should be eating and the ratio's of carbs/protien/fat that I should be consuming.

Also I know to gain weight I need my calorie intake to be above my expenditure. But how much higher? Which brings me to my next question, how exactly do you calculate all of this? Including total calories and nutrients for the day?

Is there some sort of planner out there that you can track all of this in ie a journal of some sort or online food tracker?

You advice is appreciated in advance.



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Do you have Excel? Have a look under our Tools section (http://www.nzbb.co.nz/tools) and you'll find a spreadsheet to help you work out a good diet.

Start by putting your current diet in there. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate, but just enough to give you a rough idea of where you currently stand. Post it back here with the results, if you like, but basically the idea is to increase it little by little until you start putting on weight. Probably a good protein/carb/fat ratio for you would be between 30/50/20 and 40/40/20 (that's a ratio of your total daily calories).

If you need to look up the nutritional data for a certain food, there are some databases in our Links section (http://www.nzbb.co.nz/links) that should help. :)

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What us the ratio adjustment all about?

I can see how it works but can't follow the adjustment for some reason

Here's its description on the Tools page:

"What happens if I double the number of eggs I eat, or drink half the amount of milk?" Now it's easy to find out. Simply plug in the grams of protein/carbs/fat in your food, and not only will this Excel spreadsheet calculate your daily caloric intake, it will also show you the effect of any adjustments you make.

Does that answer your question? Sorry, I wasn't quite sure what you meant. :)

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At the very least you need to add some crunchy fibirous Vegs broccolli etc,with lunch and dinner.I would ditch the weetbix for porridge.Also For mid morning if you have no protein powder I would have a omelette 6 eggs 3 egg whites 3 whole eggs>mid afternnon have another tuna or chicken meal .You really need to get some shakes going so you can fuel up pre workout and post workout.Just my opinon there is plenty more options u could add but keep it simple to begin with that way there is a better chance you will do it .I always prep all my meals the night before so your good to go the next day .

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