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wheres waldo?


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I've just done a Google search on both "maxs" and "Keith Ellis" (I assume that's whom you're referring to?). Neither search returned any results that suggest there is a shred of truth to this.

I'd also like to draw your attention to the terms and conditions you agreed to when you registered on this forum. In particular:

Whether true or not, an allegation of drug use has the potential to ruin a career. Therefore unless an individual has publicly confirmed such use, anyone suggesting this (even jokingly) may be disciplined.

I am therefore locking this topic until you can provide substantial evidence proving your claim (you can PM me or another moderator). If this does become credible news, rather than the unsubstantiated gossip it is at the moment, I will happily re-open this topic, and you can discuss it as much as you like - but only then. In the meantime, consider this a formal warning.

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