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Addict does some it up in a nutshell.

It would be hard going from one of the greatest bb'ers to a shadow....

I guess thats the trap that bb'ers lay for themselves.

Some bodybuilders take large helpings of painkillers on a dayly basis to mask the pain of injurys and worn out joints,so they're still able to work out, it puts alot of strain on the kidneys.

Surely it must be better to be a couple of knotches down the rung on the bb'ing ladder but stay there longer,rather than go for death.

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Yea I’m sure it was the pain killers that f**ked his kidneys and not the huge amount of gear he took over a long period of time

IMO he was an Addict ..addicted to being a pro Body Builder, addicted to been big, addicted to gear, addicted to competing

When your addicted to something you will do what ever it takes to get your fix, and that is what Flex did

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Thanks for clarifying that andy pandy :pfft:

Of course you do have the hands on experiance to know the different effects painkillers and steriods have on the body,right? :roll:

http://www.kidneyurology.org/Patient_Re ... illers.htm




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