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IFBB Mens world bodybuilding 2006


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Just looked up the IFBB to see where our Joe Ulberg came in this class.

Class was up to 75kg there were 28 men and he place 23th. As you look at all the other mens classes.I ask were all of then drug tested and why here in NZ we do. I would like to comgragulate Joe for giving this best again at a so called drug free mens IFBB world competition.


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Joe actually placed 16th equal in his class - the judges only place the top 15 and all other competitors are listed in their numerical order.

Joe is a very experienced and successful bodybuilder - plus a wonderful and humble person. His placing did not match the 9th place he achieved at the 2004 IFBB World champs, but Joe can feel very proud of this latest effort amongst the best in the world - well done, Joe!!

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Testing at the IFBB Worlds is as strict & as hard as you will find in any sport, anywhere in the World.

Only the Top 5 in each Class get tested though. As you have stated MUSCLEOIDS, there were 28 in Joe's class. Most Classes have between 25-35 competitors on an average.

It's a cut-throat elimination process to reach the top 15. To my knowledge you go head to head with one competitor, hit 2 poses, Front & Back Bicep pose. The winner makes top 15, the loser goes home.

This is why compititors are only placed from 1-15. You don't get judged if you don't make the Top 15.

It's very hard. It would be a financial impossibility to test every competitor, so only the top 5 are tested. The IFBB relies on the participating Countries to test their own athletes before they go to the Worlds.

If you make the Top 5, you will be tested again. Trust me, the IFBB World Championships test more BBers than INBA, ANB/WSNO & Musclemania put together.

Testing in Natural comps is very sparse. If you ask me, they have a bit of a cheek to promote their shows as Natural shows, then test hardly anyone.

I think it's fantastic that the NZ IFBB goes to the expense & trouble of testing NZ competitors. Consider yourself very fortunate. Testing in Aust is virtually non-existent.

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