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Olympic Lifting in Auckland?


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Hi jose. We've got just the people to help you out here. Or at least we did... where ARE Big_Mac, EU, and Varven anyway? It used to be that you couldn't move without running into an oly lifter here, but they've all gone quiet recently.

If no-one else is able to help, I'll see if I can track one of them down for you. 8)

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the milleniums flash as and have heapsa pretty onto people working out of there. i was there on thursday night waiting for my athletics coach n saw a couple of guys doing some olympic lifting, pretty impressive i must say :nod:

just go in and ask to get directed to the indoor track n you'll be able to go check it out.

let us know how you get on if you do

be warned i hear it can put a big hole in your pocket

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I train at Gillies as well as Millenium.

The reason why you couldn't get in into Gillies on friday is because usually no one trains on friday. When you get a membership at Gillies, you have an option to buy a key for a year for about 10-15$, which offers you flexibility with your training times (you can open the gym at any time you want). If you do not, you will have to guess when most of the crowd will be training and come in then, which is usually Mon/Wed/Sat around 4-5 pm, with Tue/Thur around 5-6 pm. Gillies Ave is a weightlifting Club, Millenium centre is another Club.

PS: This is what Gillies Ave looks like.

http://www.nzbb.co.nz/forum/viewtopic.p ... &start=220

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