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Soya Sauce


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Okay whats the deal with soya sauce?

is it okay to be eating with your chicken and brown rice?

I have a dash of it with every chicken and rice meal i consume (about 2-3 a day), what negative effects will this be having on my body in terms of training and dieting?

I got told today it was badd. and I don't know how i'll ever get used to plain organic brown rice and boiled/grilled chicken w/o soyasauce.

Ive been lookin at previous "Soy" posts in here - and they all talk about how it effects males testosterone levels. Seeing as ima girl, what "effects" and bad stuff will it do to me?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated, thanks

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I have consumed heaps of soya sauce through plenty of diet cycles post comp pre comp without any adverse affects .it is high in sodium which may make u retain a bit of water if u are having shitloads of it along with salt etc.A little bit of a sauce wil not do u any harm in my opinon

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I reckon moderate amounts of soya sauce is fine. I don't like eating my food "dry" - particularly meals with tuna, rice etc.

Other things I use to moisten my meals and add flavour is to use some olive oil, salsa or low fat tartare sauce. There are plenty of low-calorie sauces and oils which will make a meal a lot tastier without adding too many "empty" calories.

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