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INBA Natural Olympia


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Womens Physique Class 1 (<160cm)

1. Ra Paku, NZ (AND OVERALL)

2. Kahla Bullemor, AUS

3. Trisk Kane, AUS

4. Gail Charles

5. Eda Lackner

Just had a look on anabolex.com, looks like Ra Paku won her division AND the overall. NICE!

Keri Onyewu 5th in his class, apparently over 500 competitors in total.

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Thanks, Waldo. I've just had a look through that website you provided and from the names I recognise, these are the other NZ competitor results:

Tarren McCall - 3rd Masters Women's Physique Over 40 and

3rd Women's Physique Class 2 (>160cm)

Karen McGuiness - 2nd Ms Figure Class 3 (>165 cm)

Mark Ashby - 2nd Physically Challenged

Marc Thomas - 3rd Junior Men.

Yes, that's a fantastic result for Ra - well done! I was a bit surprised to see Keri only placing 5th, as he is 42 years old and usually places very well in the Master's class. But I see he was 5th in the Open Class 2 (170-175cm), so that's a great result also!

Nice to see the Kiwi's going well again, especially after Jo Stewart's awesome 3rd placing at the IFBB Masters World champs two weeks ago - at 45 years of age in an Open class for competitors up to 10 years younger than her!

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