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How is everybody going with their training or rnr


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I have started my training and all is going really well. I haven't weighed myself yet but I can know I am losing weight slowly cause I can fit into clothes I wore last year. Really getting into. Only thing is though we have a really budget gym being such a small place and the only time I get to the gym, the place is full with people using the weight machines and DB, BB and the 1 and onl treadmill too. I'm having to keep changing my training times which is getting really annoying. I have a cable machine at home which I work our on but I don't have an free weights. Really gonna have try going another time of day.

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Thats so cool that you're slowly getting results - don't get disheartened cause you can't get to machines etc.. What about doing your cardio outside if you can't get to the treadmill - go for a walk or jog. There's heaps of stuff you can do with your body weight if you can't get to DB's BB's etc...Have they got good instructors there to help you? Try different forms of Squats, Lunges, Press Ups, Tricep Dips, Swiss Ball work. Also look at getting a Dynaband (or Fit Strip) they provide great resistance if you can't get to the DB's. You can get an awesome workout from using a Medicine Ball as resistance as well - the latest Oxygen Magazine has got a good workout in it using a Med Ball. Hope this helps...don't give up, train hard 8)

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