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Question on tapering carbs


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Here's a question for those of you who taper off your carbs towards the end of the day. I know the theory behind the no-carbs-before-bed policy, but what happens for those of us who workout in the evenings? Obviously you'd want carbs in the post-workout shake, but what about the meal/s after that?

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Hah I had this kinda question to.

But didnt wanna post em up. :o

Ive always wondered since I finish my trainings around 9ish i have my PWO shake, but then think if I am able to have another meal with solid carbs later on around 10-ish, as i dont feel like I am filling myself up with the PWO shake?

At the moment i just eat peanuts and maybe a chicken or some kind of efa/protein meal as I dont know if its good to eat carbs after.

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Im in no way an expert but from what ive read from various sources is that Carbs are best received post workout therefore a pro+carb meal after training is the best option no matter what time of day it is.

There are different opinions all over the place but this is the principle Im following (once I start eating again that is :) ) Pro+Fat meals for the rest of the days, Pro+Carb during and post workout.

So If I workout at night id have my PWO shake followed by Pro+Carb meal then a pre-bed pro+fat snack of Whey+natural Pbutter+Cottage Cheese+flaxmeal a couple of hours later

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