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Taranaki Champs


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That's not a bad turnout for the Taranaki champs. I've competed there the past 3 years and they usually get good numbers and good quality competitors. A large proportion of the competitors have usually competed at Nationals the week before, and are using this as their qualifier for next year's Nationals while they are in good condition.

We (NZFBB Executive) passed a motion earlier this year regarding routines at pre-judging: routines will only be performed at pre-judging if there are less than 30 competitors. This does not apply to Mixed Pairs and Fitness (Aerobics) classes as routines are still judged for the class placings. Most events now have Best Posing Routine awards for competitors to compete for.

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Scott reynolds won the overall mens, danielle manu cleaned up the womens overall physique and can't recall the name of the winner of the overall figure but it would have been fairly close between her and a couple of others in the line up.

there were 8 in the line up for the overall mens title and the first callout was scott reynolds , winner of the mens 80-90 kg open class ,

supre sos , winner of the mens 70 - 80 open class , nelly vaoesea , winner of the mens novice over 90kg and matthew jones , winner of the junior mens title.

All the top 4 looked good. scott , supre, and matthew had all competed and won their respective classes at the nationals the weekend before and were still looking sharp. Scott was still in the same sort of cut condition that he had presented at both the wellington champs and the nationals .

Supre looked great but had smoothed out a little since the previous weekend , if he had been a little sharper it would have been closer between him and scott

Nelly who is still in the process of dieting looked impressive , and won the mens posing routine award as well . packs a huge amount of muscle onto his frame and was in much better condition than he was at the north island and pibba champs.

Crowd favourites of the night were the local competitors , especially junior men's winner matthew jones and overall womens physique winner danielle manu.

Kent Ashcroft in his first competition also did well, epsecially after missing his stage call for the pre judging and having to then enter a heavier weight class ( 70 - 80 kg novice ) which he ended up winning. An impressive result for a guy who weighed in at 61.9 kg the evening before.

he was in good condition , posed very well and looked bigger than 62 kg on stage.

But the competitor who most stood out in my mind was junior mens winner matthew jones. only recently turned 19 years old and after just winning the national junior mens title at a weight of 75 kgs on stage he is set for a big future . he has a huge back , good chest , arms , and shoulders and some big quads and hammies. his rear double bicep pose shows good definition and his front lat spread is as good as any and has excelllent abdominals.

has the potential to pack another 10 kg plus of muscle onto his frame and still pull it off. If this is the sort of size, shape and condition he can present onstage at just 19 years of age he is going to be a real threat to any overall line up in the near future.

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yep mastertell I was at the night show. Yeah great to hear some positive stuff about Matthew. Had a bit to do with his prep so glad he is getting some comments. For his age he has great work ethic and will only improve. Actually he only weighed 74kg at the Nationals. Thought you might be there at the show mastertell.

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Thanks rigger - and thank you also Diamond for that excellent and very detailed report!

Yes, rigger, I had planned to go up and help out at the comp last weekend, but work is very busy at the moment, and I'm having to work weekends for a while. I competed at the last 3 Taranaki shows and it is a wonderful event - always well organised and attended by both competitors and spectators. Oh, and a great chance to party after spending several months on a strict diet and training regime!

I also expect to see big things from Matthew Jones. I had a chat with him backstage at last year's event (his first show I think) and he seems have made great progress in the last 12 months. It's great to see so much young talent coming through - and also plenty of us old fella's hanging in there as well!

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