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Muscle Mania


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I got a text saying all Kiwi's did place at Muscle Mania in Melbourne. Alex Simays won O85kg class and by sounds of it should have won Overall and that comment was from a bunch of aussie's who were there!! Nick Jones made a come back and took the overall muscle mania after he won the u85kg, according to my aussie friend Nick was smooth and alot smaller than he is known for, apparently the crowd booed when Alex didnt win Overall as it was obvious he should have taken it easy! Darrin Brown came in big and lean and made 2nd place, Leanne Grindrod who ended out doing Figure took the Overall title for that class, apparently numbers were very low. Lisa Bellingham made a surprise appreance and got 2nd next to leanne, a novice women Jenny Morris also from NZ got third in figure. There was a Indian Kiwi guy who got third I think in the u85kg. My aussie friend who went to the show said it was a disappointing show for the Kiwi's who made the effort to go, the kiwi's showed lean quality muscled bodies and needed more competition to go up against. I'll see if my friend took some pics! I think Kiwi's scared the aussies away maybe! :nod:

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Aah, I wondered what Sanjeev was doing this year? Wow, what a classy NZ team. Alex and Leanne have been top class for some time now, and Darrin continues to make huge progress in what has been a very successful year for him.

Sanjeev was very impressive last year - he turned up at the 2005 Wellington NZFBB champs and blew away a top notch lineup to win the overall title then won his class at Nationals.

Nice to see us Kiwis once again popping over the Tasman to show the Aussies what quality we have over here. I'd like to see more interaction in the future - perhaps getting teams from Aussie to compete over here in a few comps as well?

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