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Hi guys - im just a normal dude who never used to put on fat but now I'm 31 and all of a sudden my abs have disappeared! Admittedly my diet has been totally crap. So I'm cleaning up the diet and getting some decent cardio in every day. Can anyone suggest a supplement to assist weight loss? ...nothing hardcore - I'm not looking to compete - just wanna know if there's a supplement from the health food section of foodtown or something that can speed up the process...?

thanks guys. Here's a pic from last year when I was a bit leaner..


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I know Foodtown does have an EAS fat burner. I can't remember the name of it, but I'm pretty sure it's not as strong as their ThermoDynamX product (be careful, because it's got a very similar name, I think).

Fat burners can certainly help speed things along, but probably you'd be best to get them from a specialised nutrition store rather than Foodtown. I quite like ThermoDynamX, but I know of other people who don't rate it so highly. See what everyone else says, but I think it's largely trial and error. Remember, too, that you should get your diet right first, and add supplements later. :)

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Yeah, Thermo DynamX is good but make sure to knock down a solid amount of water with it. It has a ton of heating agents designed to rev up your metabolism and force your body to waste calories trying to cool you down.

Indirectly, it controls my appetitite as the heating agents disturb your appetitie too! If you are taking it on an empty stomach for before a workout or cardio for an improved fat burning effect, just take it 15-20 mins before you begin exercise as there is no food to interupt the aborption. It only says take 1 hour on the label as it assumes you have eatern first.

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Just a q for a friend of mine.

Are fat burners all good for woman to take... Or can their be side effects or something.

Ive never taken a fat burner before. So dont know nothing about them. :P

Some fat burners can make certain people jittery & a little anxious and/or nauseous.

It all really depends on the individual & the fat loss supp they're taking.

Most of the stronger ones have warnings on the label.

It also goes without saying that pregnant women should stay well away from them.

Probably a good idea to check out peoples reviews on different products on forums such as this - online retailers are extremely biased so you won't get a very accurate picture of the products pro & cons from them.

Here's a site dedicated to joe public reviews of bodybuilding supps:


(I hope it's alright to post this URL here??)

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