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All Athletic classes are based on the following height/weight ratio:

Maximum weight (kg) = height (cm) - 98 e.g. I am 183.5 cm tall, therefore the maximum weight I can be is 183.5 - 98 = 85.5kg.

The height division for Open and Novice Athletic is 175cm (approx 5 ft 10 inches) i.e. up to 175cm is Short, over 175cm is Tall. There is no height division in Masters Athletic (my class) - you must be 40 years of age or older to qualify and fit into the height/weight ratio mentioned above.

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awesome, that helps.


I hope you dont mind me asking but what sort of size are your arms ect?

I'd be really keen to give athletic class a go but am worryed i might look a bit thin on stage and dont wana make a fool of myself haha

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