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Abs-for summer/in general


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I'm still trucking away with my work out routine-its going okay I've noticed gains (of muscle on my legs (quads) and arms - but triceps are crap).

But im still holding weight around the middle-i know the abs are there but they dont significantly protrude yet...can anyone give me any info on how to cut the stomach fat way down and get cut abs (esp for summer coming up & bikini wearing haha...oh no)

Are there any exercises different from situps & oblique twist things etc...that help? My brother did outward bound (3 week clasic course) and once he came back he was so lean-and had awesome abs-he told me to get stuck into the cardio-thus I did 2 hours today (1 hour running, 1 hour powerwalking)...wat are all y'all thoughts?

Also I still need to drop weight-should I start using those fatblocker pill things that help you loose weight, even though Im so 'young'?

And also definition-is it created by low weight high reps rite, and stength by high weight? i want more tone therefore should I drop my weight and exhuast the muscle?

Any thoughts GREATLY appreciated!

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Yup, your brother's right. Cardio and a nice clean diet is the way to go. I'm not sure about the amount of cardio - 2 hours sounds like a lot to me, especially since you need to do this on a consistent, near-daily, basis.

Fat-blocker pills - well personally, I think it would be better to really nail your diet, and then you wouldn't need them.

Definition and muscle tone are simply caused by having low body fat and a reasonable amount of muscle (not necessarily bodybuilder amounts of muscle, but just not emaciated). I'd break this down into two parts: cardio and diet to lower the body fat, and weights training to gain the muscle. Aim for 8-12, maybe 8-15 reps.

Hope that helps. :)

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Hi small,

At your age, I think you said you were 16 stay well away from supplements like fat reducers etc just stick to the cardio an hour a day is fine and a clean balanced diet, some gorls are still growing at 16 others have stopped but yu will need to just keep doing the basics until your body has stopped changing and settled down. I wouldnt recommend anyone under 18 take supps of any kind, you will get there I am sure it is just never as fast as you want when you are younger.

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