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Hello Hello,

Well I was asked to introduce myself so I thought I would (gots to be polite :nod:)

Well I'm 23 and started going to the gym about 5mths ago to help ease the pain from my arthritis and started to enjoy the results I was getting (muscle tone and painless wise) so I've thought i might take it one step further and do body sculpting.

But I've started to hit a brick wall food wise. Becasue of the pain medcine I take I've found that the protein powder doesn't mix well with it.

Can anybody help me?

I'd like to try my hand at a comp at some stage.

I've been speaking at a mate who does Body Building and he's not too sure what I can do!

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No not mixing powder and meds together. But I'm required to take my meds a full stomach to help stop nausea and wicked dizzy spells.

I'm eating normally but the protein powder reacts funny with my meds and it brings on my dizzy spells.

If I cut protein powder out of my diet altogther can i still get results by working a bit harder? or do i really need to use it?

I can't give up my meds otherwise I can't function probably becasue of the pain.

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You don't absolutely need protein powder - you can go "old-school" and get your protein from real food sources like meat, chicken, fish, and eggs. Most of us supplement some of our meals with protein powder since it's more convenient. But's it's certainly not mandatory.

As for why it should bring on dizziness... I really don't know. Perhaps some of our other members can chime in with ideas?

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