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Bigger tricep sweep


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Yeah, that's what I'd heard. And presumably all those overhead movements will work the inner head?

It makes sense too, in a way, since that's probably the area of triceps where I tend to slack off and substitute other exercises instead. That's because with my elbows tucked in where they should be and not winging out to the sides, it often feel like there's a partial dislocation of the joint on these exercises - it's definitely not cool. :?

I find LOTS of warmup exercises seems to help a bit, but only slightly. Any suggestions as to how I could strengthen the tendons/ligaments/whatever to prevent this happening, and allow me to hit triceps properly?

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I use to get a similar pain untill I discovered triple tri's for a warm-up.

Basiclly you complete three tricep push down exercises one after the other. Each exercise has a different grip. 1st = straight bar, 2nd = Tricep V, 3rd = Rope. you complete 3 full sets, 12-10-10 increasing the weight.

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pseudo: what excercises do you do for your tris?

If your on the cable and doing rope you don't want to go and then do overhead extensions necessarily cos the grips the same so your targeting the same head. you should do tricep pushdowns straight bar then go do overhead d/bell press, 2 hands.

Thats what i find neways................. :?

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