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QUINOA a change from rice


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I dont know about all you people out there, but I find rice rather boring after awhile, but have found somthing new that ive just tried tonight and really liked. Its a grain called Quinoa, looks abit like couscous, you cook it like rice, has a nice nutty flavour and very filling. But wait theres more...

It has 50% more protein than all other grains. 13gms of protein per 100gms. High in calcium, iron, vit B6, niacin and thiamine. Also contains a high level of lysine, an amino acid the body needs to make protein.

Anyway if youre interested in trying some I was able to find it in the grain bins at the local fruit and veg produce store, it wasnt expensive and a little goes a long way.

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Thanks, Andi. It's pronounced "kee-nwar", isn't it?

I think it used to be one of those hippy/vegan/vegetarian foods (not that I'm trying to insult anyone! :grin:) that you could only get from a health food or organic shop. It sounds like it's increasing in popularity if you can get it from the local fruit and veg, though...


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Yes its pronounced Keen-wa. I couldnt find it at our pak n save. Hmm would probably describe the taste as kind of nutty. Is very filling, but that could just be me. Just nice to find something new and different to try. Get abit bored with rice.

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