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Anator-p70 by MuscleTech


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While doing a little bit of research for my CellTech review, I came across this product on the MuscleTech website.


When it started talking about activating genes, and "literally turning on your DNA for muscle growth", I was intrigued. How did it work? Well, the page has lots of diagrams... Now, maybe I'm particularly stupid, but those diagrams didn't mean a thing to me.

I know it's a good product though, because look - there's a photo of Dr Marvin Heuer explaining to Jay Cutler how "how Anator-p70 has helped him build more freakish muscle he never thought was possible". Going by Jay's expression, it's not making much sense to him, either.

So what does this product have in it? http://www.muscletech.com/PRODUCTS/ANAT ... erry.shtml

Phenylalanine and leucine, apparently. Oh, and creatine. Jolly good.

Could someone explain how this will "turn on" my DNA? :?

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Doctor: Jay if you would kindly direct your attention to the ingredient list here, you'll see


Doctor: Yes Jay, the bottle is indeed purple. Now if you could just direct your attention to the list of enzymatic catalysts here, you'll see why

Jay: BIG!

Doctor: Yes Jay, the bottle is also big. More important than the bottle itself though are it's contents, some of the most innovative...JAY STOP THAT!


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The Muscletech marketing team at its best....

Plus, Im sure Muscle Tech own the Muscle Mag magazine so be aware of this too if there are any "too good to believe" claims in there. Using giant, unnatural body builders who obviously use something a little more "stronger" than supplements gives you a good indication on how decent this must be.

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