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wat does everyopne think>?


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what do u guys think is the better way to split your training. ive changed my training round abit. not doing chest and back together anymore.

want to try either chest and bi or back or tri ceps

or is it better to train chest and tris or back and bis together.

just want some thoughts


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I was doing chest and triceps togeather.. what I found was I couldnt push tri's entirely cause they were already pre exhausted after chest.

However, some may see this as a reason to do them togeather.

But I found I could hit tris better by doing them with back and biceps with chest.

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That's exactly what I'm doing at the moment Varven.

Mon: Back, Triceps

Tue: Quads

Wed: Delts, Forearms (I never worked forearms alone before, but figured it was about time I did)

Thur: Hamstrings, Abs, Calves

Fri: Chest, Biceps

I did initially wonder if this might be overtraining slightly, but I wanted to push myself to the limit (it was based on desperation that I hadn't made much progress this year!). But I was careful in the way I ordered the routine, so each body part (hopefully) has enough time to recover.

And I'm loving it! I'm sure a large part of it is that I've started eating properly again, but as yet, I haven't felt like I'm overtraining. This gives me a chance to hit biceps and triceps twice a week (and God know they need it!). I was concerned at how delts would respond, since they get hit indirectly on chest and back day, as well as having a day of their own, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how well they've coped. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of throwing in a few light sets to specifically target delts on chest or back day.

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I train chest my it self, back my it self, shoulders with traps, calves by themselves and bi's and tri's together and legs (hammy's and quads), it takes me about 10 days to get through eaverybody part but i felt the extra time helps with recovery better than hitting a muscle group every week, that is if your lifting heavy and intensely enough.

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i tried that method of just isolating one muscle group for one day, having a 5-day split. Mon: Chest, Tue: Back, Wed: Shoulders, Thurs: Legs and Fri: Arms and Sat being 'cardio day' i.e. football matches and sunday being rest.

i find that only doing one muscle group is quite good at the start. eg/ i feel really pumped at the start of my chest workout with BP and incline BP but then when i get over the halfway mark, it starts to tire too much and i cant lift as much anymore, which is a shame.

Right now i'm doing chest, shoulders and tris together and legs, back and biceps together. i really like it cuz my tris or bis are already ready to go from the previous body parts and i can try and really pish these little things to their absolute limits. But thats just me


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My cycle would start like this ON Monday Legs (hammies and Quads),

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Chest

Thursday: Complete day off

Friday: Back

Saturday: Cardio (and maybe calves)

Sunday: Complete day off

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Arms

Thursday: COmplete day

Friday: Cycle begins again with legs.

I found it gives me ample time between muscle groups to recover and give ample amount of cardio since i'm cutting up at the moment.

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