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Improving mind-muscle connection


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OK, my triceps are not exactly my strong point, so I'm thrashing the little buggers until they start behaving properly. I was doing exactly that yesterday with some overhead tricep extensions when I realised that I was feeling it more in my right arm than my left. I'm right-handed, so my left has always lagged behind a little - nothing terribly noticeable, but I'm picky!

So I examined my form closely, but as far as I could tell, everything was completely symmetrical - both sides pushing evenly at the same rate, same angles, etc. So why couldn't I feel the same in my left arm as I could in my right? I tried putting more emphasis on my left by raising that shoulder, pushing harder on that side, and so on - but to no avail.

I also have the same problem when doing biceps. I can really squeeze my right, but my left just doesn't get the same contraction. It's frustrating as hell! :x I can only conclude that my mind-muscle connection just isn't as strong on my left. Has anyone got any suggestions for improving this?

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i always use for bis and tris some single arm exercises just so this doesnt happen.

cant say i get a better pump on my right or left (am right handed btw)

try some single tricep stuff. start with your weakest side and allow it to catch up shouldnt take too long but depends on how much its lagging

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i think what your getting at would be more mental, and just perception. i am sure that im the same, although oddly i am right handed and feel like i can contract my left arm harder.

I am sure I have read somewhere that introducing Tai Chi can help as it centres your focus, be also interesting to know if the supposed increased mental energy and focus had a similar effect to taking a supplement like NO2?

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I dont think it is all in the mind. I am the same when it comes to double arm excercises so I always try to thow in in individual arm weights. And although my strength appears to be about the same with both I get a greater pump in my right arm which is also 1/4 inch larger than the left.

Do you have a difference in measurement ? It is a reasonable indicator that it might not be in the mind

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