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best results from a thermo?

mr yoyo

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Just wondering which thermos people have had the best results from?I tried the serach function and couldnt really find an answer

I have tried the old Hydroxycut (wth eph.) and that worked but made me nuts,red8 (cr@P),leppin (also cr@p) , EAS thermo dynamx(cr@p and bad side effects),hotrox (good but expensive) ,pitbull (ok, but not great results) & xenindrene EFX which i though didnt work at all

I want to try and remove some stubborn fat, so what "should" (given everything works diff with diff people) shift that last bit? I am watching the diet, trying to remove the excess carbs etc, and lifting and doing regular cardio.

am i better to stack some liquid carnatine with a thermo?

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i havnt tryed the max hyroxy+phase but have heard good things, maybe walo could tell us more about it.

I haven't used them either! Phily Nuku and AJ Wilson down in Wellnigton are the guinea pigs, both are getting ready for the Nabba/Nzfbb Nationals in October. Phily is especially rapped with them, but once again, he's using them in conjunction with a tight diet and hard training. Maximising the effect you could say.

The HP+ Thermos take a slightly different approach to fat loss, as they have a large carb-blocking (HCA) and fat-metabolising (chitosan) component as well as the normal caffeine/grunt component. Check out the link for more info:


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the thermo dynmix gave me incredibly dry eyes & irritable, made me quite prone to paranoia and just generally left me feeling cr@ppy, i also didnt really notice any results, guess thats why they give them away 2 for one.

Moe @ XN, and a couple of staff at nutrition plus have said they had a few people complaining of the same type of things, but maybe that was just a sales pitch?

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