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is pregnizone a steroid?

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what gains would it give me if any?

None of the kind that you'd want! Sorry - it's not that kind of steroid. As 2guns says, it's a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory.

I've had an ongoing relationship with prednisone myself to control a chronic sinus problem. Is your a little pink pill too? Don't they just taste so yummy?! :puke:

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This is catabolic steriod,used to fight inflamation.

In conditions like arthritis.

Do not take this stuff for bodybuilding purposes!

You will only get smaller and weaker :shock:

Althrough some advanced steriods users have experimented with using it to help break down muscle tissue during workouts so that the anabolic componds can then build it up bigger and stronger.

Apparenty serious injurys can occur by following this idea.

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