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creatine & thermos at the same time?

mr yoyo

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Can this be done?? or does it make no real sense??

I have seen some peoples supp stacks include both, but i cant get my head round one seems to make you retain liquid, and the other seems to want to remove it? would they "fight'" each other?

Also as a side, does creatine go stale or lose its effect after a period of time?

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The thermos don't make you lose water - they help you lose fat. Obviously though, being lean is no good if you're holding so much water you still look puffy, but I've never found creatine has this effect on me. So I'd say yes - there's no reason why the two shouldn't work together.

Unless you're about to compete, you're unlikely to notice any water retention from the creatine, IMO. However, even among competitors opinion is divided - some stay on creatine right up to a comp because they feel it makes the muscles appear fuller, but others cut out creatine very early on because of the water retention fears.

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Most thermos will make you lose bodywater as some of them have added herbal diuretics (dandelion) as well as high amounts of caffeine.

Creatine is hygroscopic meaning that it absorbs moisture from the air. When it absorbs moisture it will breakdown into creatinine so once opened you are best off using it as quickly as possible. Never leave it in an improperly sealed container. If it has started clumping together or gone hard your best bet is to chuck it out.

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