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Tasty Dieting Meals


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Try pinching a few meal ideas from the Body for LIFE website. The meals have a good balance of Carbs, Protein and Fat and taste decent enough that you will look forward to eating it. Just requires some simple preparation. http://www.bodyforlife.com/nutrition/createmeal.asp

My usual lunch, which is simple to make is

1 can (180g) of Sealord Tuna- Olive Oil and Garlic, drained

1 pouch of Uncle Bens Flavoured rice (assorted flavours)

Rice is microwaved in 2 mins flat, and chuck in the yummy flavoured tuna, that you can drain as the rice cooks and you're done! (This suits me at over 90kg so you may need to adjust the portion sizes depending on your goals.)

All for under $5!

Working at EAS, I usually use a meal replacement such as Myoplex as my morning or afternoon tea, so all I concern myself with is Breakfast, Lunch, Post workout supplements, Dinner, and Supper.

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I also rely on those great Uncle Ben's rice sachets throughout the year - I find one sachet (approx 75 grams of carbs I think) is enough to do me for two meals and I also have the rice regularly with a tin of salmon and some salad or veges. They taste great and are very convenient to prepare.

Another option for spicing up tins of tuna is to get the plain ones (i.e. in spring water) and add some olive oil and a sauce like salsa or low-fat tartare sauce. While there are already plenty of good fats in tuna (and salmon!), the olive oil also has healthy fats and prevents the tuna from being too dry when eaten cold. I guess flaxseed oil is another good option, but I've never used it.

So, one tin of tuna, one of salmon, one rice sachet and perhaps a tin of beans or asparagus would cost about $8 in total and do me for two meals, or about $4 per meal.

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I agree - tuna does need a little fat of some kind to help it down. One of my favourites is tuna, chopped into a tomato-based pasta sauce. Season with extra chilli/spices if desired. Slice cheese on top and microwave until cheese melts. Quick and easy, and you can mix in potatoes/rice/pasta to suit your diet.

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If you do visit the Body for LIFE (BFL) website, go straight to here for meal ideas posted in from all over the world. This way you can bypass all the irrelevant stuff. :grin:


PS. Dont try and buy anything from that USA website either as the States will not ship to NZ. All that will happen is it will get trapped at customs and the USA will not provide the certificates you need to get it to your home. Sorry about that guys. :?

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