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time to stop lurking

mr yoyo

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i found this forum by accident while surfing for info on norateen, and got hooked reading, so here I am.

Guess im a little different in that I work out at home, cant find time for a gym so I have to improvise or cant do some excersizes.Looking forward to any tips from you experienced peeps as to how to get around some of those "dont have the right gear" challenges. Im not looking to be the incredible hulk, but i need to manage weight for health purposes and I guess as a by product getting cut aint so bad .

So Hi, here I Am : )

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At the moment i am trying a 5 day split, using the routine in the latest M&F magazine. I have previously trained with PT's at les mills, but getting to a gym just doesnt fit with the needs of work and the fiancee.

I do kinda miss the ability to do decent leg presses and squats, but I make do with what I can.

I am finally trying actually dieting to,and that seems to be working for once, just wish I actually liked rolled oats and tuna....

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