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Alternative Thermogenics


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Heres a question from a newbie to bbing

If I took a small ammount of hot water - added a green tea bag - coffee - half an aspirin and a pinch of Cayenne ( and stomached it ) in conjunction with a good Multi. Would this offer me the same effects as Thermo pills?

This may have a realy obvious and stupidly blatant answer.

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and stomached it

^ That could be the real question! :P

While I can't answer your question specifically, in general a lot of supplements ingredients are concentrated or purified so they're a lot more potent than the raw product they were formed from. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it would take quite a lot of green tea and cayenne in order to reach the amount you'd find in a thermo. Can anyone confirm this?

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When looking at Thermos, some prefer them with more zip/ stimulants such as caffiene, citrus auranium etc. or more heating agents such as ginger, cayenne pepper etc.

Teas, in particualr,Green Tea contain much of their Thermogenic properties from its content of catechins (cat-ah-kins)- the chemical found in plants yielding the thermo qualities. The catechins are measured in EGCG so this is the important thing to look for when assessing the green tea component.

A combo of both stimulant (caffiene), and heating agents is a good balanced approach for best effect.

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I think we maybe the only supplement company in NZ that offer Green Tea tabs as a fat burner on its own. We have had lots of positive feedback from them. Each tab equals 6 cups of green tea and its suggested 2 -4 a day. So if you were drinking the equal it would be 12-24 cups per day!!

Green Tea stimulates thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue and reduces absorption of dietary fats. It also possesses strong anti-oxidant properties.

On a side note I was told to try 1/2 grapefruit, an asprin and a no doz (or black coffee) as a fat burning stack when I first started training.

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No doz is caffeine. I can drink a strong black coffee before bed and have no effect, I have a high tolerance. They recommend that you take thermos half hour before cardio in the morning or before breakfast. Then either half hour before lunch or mid afternoon. If you are sensitive to caffeine products I wouldn't take any after mid afternoon.

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