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Hello, I heard the NZFBB had an anual AGM meeting on the weekend.

also there was some news announced and i dont now if they are just rumors at the moment?

can anyone who attended please inform the board (if it is allowed) what was resolved and if there is anything thing us atheletes should be concerned about?


i hate rumors as they always are twisted. :oops:

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Apparently the 'rumours' will be attended to on the NZFBB website in the not too distant future, probably today or tomorrow. Gofigure has already banned all correspondance on the matter, citing legal reasons. Will be very interesting to see what comes of this!

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I was at the AGM - actually I acted as Secretary and took the minutes, so I know exactly what was said!

The actual AGM was brief, very positive, with no drama at all. The financial report congratulated the NZFBB on stabilising the financial position. While still in a state of insolvency, the NZFBB is very much a going concern and things are looking much brighter for the future than they were 12 months ago.

The "news" that is being referred to relates to issues concerning the organiser of the Super Body Classic and the event itself. These were raised at the Executive meeting that followed the AGM. In the end, it may not be such big news when all is revealed, but due to the sensitivity of some of the information, notification of it has to be handled appropriately. It has nothing to do with any dramas at all within the NZFBB. We hope to have something published on the NZFBB website in 7-14 days time.

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A couple of NZFBB contest changes from Sunday's Executive meeting that may be of interest to the more "mature" male competitor:

1. Due to the ever increasing size of the Master's Men Over 40 years category, this class will now be split into two classes by weight i.e.

a. Masters Men Over 40 - up to and including 80kg

b. Masters Men Over 40 - over 80kg

2. A new class - Masters Men Over 60 years (yahoo - I've got 14 years to prepare for this one! :D )

These changes are now in effect, so will be available at upcoming NZFBB events.

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Ah, thanks... I was going to ask you about that. :)

Anything else we should know about in the other rule changes, MasterTel?


Also attached for discussion, and which will hopefully be passed at the AGM by the Executives, are motions put forward by Allan Stubbington and Mark Stewart to make the following amendments to the Contest Rules. These are not Constitutional motions but they do need to be tabled for discussion, understood and agreed upon by the Executives & passed by the Executives.

Written submissions with the changes, amendments & explanations to the motions will be handed out to the Executives at the 2006 AGM.

Motion 1

Rule 2-9 to amend

Motion 2

Rule 3.3 to amend

Motion 3

Rule 3.6

To amend and delete part of and new rule to be put in place

Motion 4

Rule 3.7

To amend and delete part of and new rule to be put in place

Motion 5

Rule 3.9

To delete part of & amend

Motion 6

Rule 4.2 to amend

Motion 7

Rule 4.3 to amend

Motion 8

Rule 4.4 to amend

Motion 9

Contest Classes. Rule 3.1

New Class as follow:

Masters Men O/40 years. Breakdown to: Under 80Kgs

: Over 80kgs

If there are four or less competitors in the entire event for the Masters over 40 class – 1 class only.

Masters Men over 60 years to be included.


Names & words Changes Rule 6.0 (6.1 – 6.3)

Rule 7.3 to be deleted

Rule 8.4 & 8.5 amend

Rule 9.0


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Sure, I'm more than happy to elaborate as best I can:

The remaining rule changes are really just firming up some of the wording for out of date terminology and also clarifying some recent rule changes - here is the crux of the other changes (this is my explanation and not the exact new wording):

1. (re Rule 2.9) The posing routines are no longer judged, except for Mixed Pairs (Couples) and Fitness (Aerobic). However, a best posing routine award for both male and female may be made available at any event, at the discretion of the event organiser. I, like most NZFBB event organisers, already do and will continue to have these new awards at their events in future - I think it is still nice to officially recognise the effort that competitors put into their routines.

2. (3.3) Mixed Pairs may qualify for Nationals at ANY regional event now, not just a select few. Also, the two people who compete as a couple at the Nationals must be the same two that competed together at the regional qualifier.

3, 4, 5. (3.6, 3.7, 3.9) These changes just tidy up the wording regarding eligibilty for overseas competitors (i.e. you must be either a NZ citizen, hold a NZ resident permit/visa or resided here for 6 months or more) plus relaxing the restriction of not being able to hold National titles for more than one country at one time.

6. (4.2) Top 3 Novice competitors at any regional event stay a novice until after that years Nationals.

7. (4.3) 1st placed Novice competitors at any regional event automatically become an Open competitor after that years Nationals, even if they don't compete at that Nationals.

8. (4.4) As above for Masters regional winners, except they can continue to compete in Masters if they choose (but they can't compete as a Novice after that year's Nationals)

9. (3.1) New Mens Over 40 split and new Over 60 class as explained earlier.

10. (various) All these changes just relate to changing the wording of "Body shaping fitness" to "Woman's Fitness (Aerobic)" and "Body shaping figure" to "Woman's Figure" merely to reduce any confusion and be more accurate with the naming of these classes.

I hope that is clear enough. The updated NZFBB Contest Rules should be on the nzfbb website (http://www.nzfbb.org.nz) in the next week or so, but if you need anything clarified, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Thanks MasterTel. I'll be particularly interested to see the exact wording of the Novice clauses, since I've often thought there was some room for improvement there.

I, like most NZFBB event organisers, already do and will continue to have [best posing routine] awards at their events in future - I think it is still nice to officially recognise the effort that competitors put into their routines.

As the recipient of one of these myself (although not in a NZFBB comp), I agree it's a great idea. In fact, personally I think posing should be included in the scores. I know the argument that bodybuilding is about the best physique, not the best dancer, but I think that the way you display your physique is so important it should count for something. It might also provide an incentive for people to improve their posing.

Just one request - could organisers consider carefully how they name the award? Being awarded with Best Poser is a dubious honour, and one that is difficult to explain to laughing friends. :pfft:

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i think tht on one hand finding time to create,practise and then remember a good routine can be hard for some with the diet, traing getting enuff sleep etc tht is required for weeks leasding up to a comp.

but on the other hand i think ppl who put to gether a good routine (if coupled with a good physique) show up everyone else alot,and the crowd loves it.

in my comps ive entered i havnt been able to do a good routine, all have been shit! :pfft:

but for my next one im gonna try to put alot more effort into the routine...... geez even choosing the right music is a head ache lol

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I cant believe the NZFBB are not using the posing routines as part of the judging process.

If you want a successfull organisation you need to get bums on seats at the evening show and that means seeing good routines.Many of the people at the night show haven't seen the pre judging with the comparison poses so they only can judge their friends physiques on what they see at night time. No wonder they comlain about rip offs.When you get a real tight descision the posing routine can often be the deciding factor in placings.

I know that it was taking too long at the prejudging if routines were included but it should be part of the judging at the night show.Surely the judges can stay awake for this and keep to their seats as a show of respect for the athletes.I had a national title winner tell me that he wasn't going to do much for his posing routine as it wasn't important.

I told him if that was the case just come on the stage and stand still for 60 seconds and see where he placed.

He decided to pose.

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I agree, Pseudonym - the 'Best Poser' title could attract some odd comments ... but at least it's a lot better than calling it 'Biggest Poser'! :D I prefer 'Best Posing Routine' which is more specific to what the award is judged on. Ironically, I actually won the 'Best Poser' award at the NABBA Hawkes Bay show last night!!

To 'point of view' - your comments are quite valid and I agree with most of them. As a current competitor, I would still want to make my routine as polished, fun and as entertaining as possible, even if it's not being judged. And I would imagine most other competitors would feel the same. So perhaps the quality of the routines and the overall quality of the night show won't diminish because they are not judged for class placings. Maybe the routines might even improve, given that competitors can relax a bit more and perhaps be a bit more theatrical or 'risque' with their routine as they aren't worried it will affect their placing?

I have also seen a lot of (especially first-time) competitors in past years who obviously put a lot of effort into their posing routine but do their compulsories poorly because they focused too much on their routine and not enough on the stuff that really counts.

But at least most shows now have "Best Posing Routine" awards so there is something to compete for with the routines, even thought it doesn't count towards the class placing.

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