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Clen and ECA stack

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Running clen and eca together like samoan muscle said works well although I don't think that T3 is neccessary. Clen and eca will be enough to get you more than ripped. Also T3 is very strong and can be quite catabolic if not used together with aas.

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oh I see just re-read it. Clen is effective by itself so I don't really think you would notice any extra benefits from taking caffeine with it. I haven't heard anything about caffeine being able to enhance the effects of clen like it can with ephedrine.

You may want to get some benedryl and start taking after week 2. It will help keep your receptors fresh and allow the clen to keep working.

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if you use clen go two weeks on, take ur temp every morning when you see it start to drop thats when you need to clean out ur receptors usually around week 2. use benadryl for that and stay on the clen you dont need to come off for two weeks if u use it that way. just my 0.2

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From http://www.urbandictionary.com -

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And I think it's way too soon to start calling Rusty a troll, Sponge. The poor guy's only made three posts so far, and I don't think any of them were particularly troll-like! Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe he will turn out to be a troll - but in the meantime, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and be a little more welcoming to a new member, eh?


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